Love Letter: A Business Strategy With Emotional Connection

An engaging video by business blogger Olga Mizrahi, about one of the secrets to great business strategy: creating a unique value proposition, founded in emotional connection, and expressed through clear communication. When you look at […]

Business Strategy: How To Develop an Impactful Diversity Policy | L’Oréal Diversity

Hear from Jean-Claude LeGrand, L’Oréal’s Global VP of Talent Management & Chief Diversity Officer as he describes the vision and strategy for diversity for a complex and large multi-national company. Gender, Disability, Ethnic & Social […]

Stakeholder Relations Presentation: Why Corporate Diplomacy is a Smart Business Strategy

Corporate Diplomacy is the strategic management of relationships with external stakeholders – not just canny PR – which creates real and lasting business value. In this presentation, learn why the interconnected nature of communications, government […]

Business strategies across Africa: the potential, the challenges and the risks

How are international companies faring as they expand across Africa? In this session, we’ll discuss prospects for the region, priority markets, business potential in different sectors and categories, new strategies and business models and the […]