Top Businesses And Their Business Strategies In Tamil| Podcast Sneak Peak |Episode 🎙️🎧 #03

Here we have made a cool discussion about Top companies like Coco cola, Apple, Colgate, Nike and Alibaba and their business strategies. These are companies which followed some brilliant tactics to widen up their brand […]

These Strategies will Help to Build Business Strategies – It's Time to Do Different

Episode 28 – LEAP FROG Your Business to Success – Rony Pawar In a recent KPMG Canada survey, 32% of small businesses don’t think they’ll have the financial resources to survive a second COVID-19 wave. […]

Choosing between offensive or defensive business strategies

A workshop discussing the relationship between offensive and defensive business strategies. In doing so the following is discussed: 1. Personalities, biases and decision making 2. Running concurrent offensive and defensive initiatives 3. Understanding the relationship […]

Business Training Video on Price and Product Strategy (Hindi) by DR. Vivek Bindra

In this Video Dr. Vivek Bindra explains in very simple terms, the 4 quadrants of Business practice. This video beautifully explains the following quadrants for start ups, small entrepreneurs, small business etc as follows 1. […]

Secret of Change Management – motivation, leadership skills, development, styles and business strategy – motivational conference keynote speaker – speech by Patrick Dixon

Motivation and leadership. Motivating teams. How to make things happen – change management, motivating people, leadership styles – motivational speech by Patrick Dixon. Strategy, teams, leadership styles, motivation at work, business success. Transformation. Why motivation […]