Lecture 4 Chapter 5 E-Commerce Business Strategies

The content of this Lecture has been taken from the book named E-Commerce 2017 (business, technology, society) by Kenneth C. Laudon & Carol Guercio Traver. The lecture will cover the content of the subject named […]

The art of negotiation: Six must-have strategies | London Business School

How do your actions and relationships frame your ability to impact, influence and persuade? Gillian Ku, Professor of Organisational Behaviour, shares six interpersonal principles of how we interact with people that affect one’s ability to […]

Love Letter: A Business Strategy With Emotional Connection

An engaging video by business blogger Olga Mizrahi, about one of the secrets to great business strategy: creating a unique value proposition, founded in emotional connection, and expressed through clear communication. When you look at […]

Retail Business is Show Business! Strategies that Will Keep Customers Applauding

In this session from the 2013 Halloween & Party Expo, Anne Obarski tells about how your customers rate your “performance” every time they come in contact with you and your retail business. Their critique starts […]