Marketing Strategies – How to market a new concept


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“Good Day Mr. Carmichael.

I recently came across your postings on YouTube and I’ve been following you every since. First let me thank you for your work and your assistance to the entrepreneur community. And as someone who has failed in business many times I’ve continued and pushed forward regardless.

I don’t want to waste your time but I have a question and this may just take a few minutes of your time. Either a response here through email… or a YouTube video would be great.

I have have been in the transportation and logistics field for over 10 years. I have expanded and contracted a few times over the years. I have serviced retail clients such as Ashley Furniture,Home Depot, Sears and a few others. But what I’ve found is that most people or (delivery contractors) don’t have a steady crew working with them but the main issue is MOST CAN’T FIND HELP AT A MOMENTS NOTICE.В WHICH SOMETIMES IN THIA BUSINESS, IS VITAL.

I have an idea to create an app. to help unskilled labor such as those in construction or carpentry or delivery services (such as I) to link up with available hands/workers.

I need to know how would I market this application. I don’t want to charge right off, because I want to build the network of unskilled labor first then as I get more exposure.Maybe start charging a fee to the companies or business professionals who need immediate help.

This is sorta like a staffing agency. Only I want instant results for those who need help right away. .

How do I market this concept..?

Please respond. I need help. If you feel the need to respond via YouTube, please let me know so that I can look out for your response. I’m sure it can help someone if you do, do a video.
Again. I love what your doing. Keep up the great work Evan
Jerry ”