Thinking About The Future Of Your Business – Business Strategy

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Bill Gates – 1 week cabin to read & think about the future of things

It’s not a ‘social media break’ or vacation
What’s the future of my business?
And how do I hit a million per month in my business

Working on vs working in your business
Working on = creating systems (documents, automation sequences, etc)
Working in = doing the actual work (creating content, outreach, etc)

Lessons I learned…

Look at unintended consequences
Definition = results/outcomes that weren’t intended to happen
X creates a specific behavior…what’s the consequence of that behavior?
Ex: MeToo movement – avoid women
Neil Degrasse Tyson & Harvey Weinstein are different
No mentoring, private meetings, etc
Less hiring of good looking women
It’s inevitable men will hit on them
Ex: Screenshotting emails/messages
Shift to more privacy (Mark Zuckerberg)
WhatsApp instead of public posting like Facebook
Ex: Sensitivity
Hiding your personal thoughts
Fear of people getting offended
Ex: 5G networks
Speed is the currency, what’s the unintended consequence?
Instant gratification over delayed gratification
More frustration for people who aren’t used to delayed gratification

Plan for the unplanned
Allergies the second day b/ I was ready

Think beyond your initial thoughts
Your first thoughts are ‘basic’…keep thinking to get real insights
Use the internet to see what ideas others have
Then go beyond their ideas

Think about the future of YOUR business, not business in general

Look to other industries & how they will affect yours
My phone is on silent so cold calling me will be hard/impossible
Get good at leaving voicemails
Laws will be put in place
Only the U.S. gets robocalls b/c no laws are in place
What are they doing in Europe?
Consumer focused instead of Company focused
Voice Assistants, VR, AR – still too early b/ you can think about it
Instacart & UberEats
Frees up people’s time = what will they fill it with?
Only rich people could pay people to get their groceries, not anymore
So how do extremely wealthy people act?
Very direct – don’t waste my time
TONS of content
Desensitized to content so what will capture/keep attention?
Getting MORE personal & entertaining
People love secrets – juicy gossip

Think about what stays the same, not just what’s going to change
Impossible to predict the future
Jeff Bezos & Warren Buffett’s strategy
What’s staying the same in the marketing industry?
Presentation skills & copywriting
Must learn to present to get noticed
Must learn to write persuasively to get buyers
Customer experience first – this will never change
Bad experience – mobile pop-ups to sign up to list
Actually helping people

Keep Secrets
“The best entrepreneurs know this: every great business is built around a secret that’s hidden from the outside. A great company is a conspiracy to change the world; when you share your secret, the recipient becomes a fellow conspirator.”
I won’t share my insights, I’ll just execute on them
Magicians don’t share b/c it ruins the effect

Stay Focused
Your mind WANTS to distract itself
Checking your phone
Moving objects around you desk, etc
Pomodoro timer

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