Sustainagility: how innovation will help save world. Sustainable business strategy – Keynote Speaker

Environment, innovation, agility, business. Video of Patrick Dixon at Globe Forum 2009. Sustainable business and how green technology will help sustainability, climate change, global warming, water shortages, food shortages, transport, energy, fuel, cities. Future aviation, […]

How Sustainability and Business Strategy Go Hand in Hand at Schneider Electric

As a global specialist in energy management and automation, Schneider Electric places sustainability at the forefront of business strategy. Hear from Emmanuel Lagarrigue, Executive Vice President of Strategy, how Schneider helps customers make their data […]

Sustainability as a Core Business Strategy – Xerox’s Patricia Calkins and Andrew Winston

Learn more at Patty Calkins and Andrew Winston discuss sustainability strategy as part of an organization’s core business strategy. Hear as they discuss business strategies that are designed around environmentally friendly practices that also help […]