Gil Friend: Systems Ecology, Sustainability and Business Strategy Expert, Keynote Speaker

A systems ecologist and business strategist with over 35 years experience in business, communications and environmental innovation, Gil Friend combines broad business experience with unique content experience spanning strategy, systems ecology, economic development, management cybernetics, […]

Liz Wiseman: Executive Strategy & Leadership Expert, Best Selling Business Author, Keynote Speaker

Liz Wiseman is the President of a leadership research and development firm headquartered in Silicon Valley, where she advises senior executives and leads strategy and leadership forums for executive teams worldwide. Her recent clients include: […]

Gary Hamel: Renowned Business Strategy and Management Thought L

The Wall Street Journal ranked Gary Hamel as the “world’s most influential business thinker” and Fortune magazine has called him “the world’s leading expert on business strategy.” For three consecutive years, Gary Hamel has also […]