Porter's Generic Strategies – ACCA Strategic Business Leader (SBL) Paper

Dr. Constantine ‘Dino’ Kiritsis from StudySmart presents Porter’s Generic Strategies (Differentiation, Cost Leadership, Focus) as part of the ACCA’s SBL (Strategic Business Leader) Paper.

Companies need to have a ‘generic strategy’ to compete in its market. This video explains the Generic Strategies model in an extremely simple way to help you understand what it is all about along with examples.

Award winning Curriculum Development Expert, Entrepreneur, founder of StudySmart and professional trainer Dr. Constantine “Dino” Kiritsis has prepared a series of videos helping students understand the content of Business Models for Business School and Professional Qualifications candidates on MBA, ACCA – SBL – Strategic Business Leader, CIMA (Strategic & Management Cases) and other courses. For more, www.studysmart.gr.