Define Your Business Strategy | Free Online MBA Chapter-4

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Porter's Generic Strategies – ACCA Strategic Business Leader (SBL) Paper

Dr. Constantine ‘Dino’ Kiritsis from StudySmart presents Porter’s Generic Strategies (Differentiation, Cost Leadership, Focus) as part of the ACCA’s SBL (Strategic Business Leader) Paper. Companies need to have a ‘generic strategy’ to compete in its […]

Business and marketing strategy of big companies- Apple, Google, Walmart, virgin airlines part-1

Business and marketing strategy of big companies- Apple(founded by Steve Jobs), Google (founded by Larry page and Sergey Brin), Walmart (founded by Sam Watson), virgin airlines (founded by Richard Branson) part-1 Hey friends, Today we’ll […]

Disney's Billion Dollar Business Strategy

Disney applies an important business strategy for generating multi-million dollar blockbusters. For a more detailed explanation of the business strategies examined in this episode, visit Subscribe for more episodes and latest content! Disney is among […]