Intuitive Business Strategy from Susan Petersen of Freshly Picked

You are going to love Susan Petersen! She has a can do attitude like nobodies business! Susan has grown her wildly popular business using intuition and a seriously good work ethic. (Oh! Did I mention her products are crazy adorable?) I have followed her on social media for a while and am over the top about how smart she has been with her instagram following. From celebrity babies sporting her products to gaining super fans, Susan has been one smart cookie. This interview will inspire you to bloom right where you are planted, no tricks, no special business degrees! She is a woman who CARES about her customers (why isn’t everyone like that?) Good customer service is a core value of her business. Understanding her customers has been key in growing the Freshly Picked brand. You’ll hear more about this in the interview. Tune in and see what is in store for the feet of cute babies everywhere! Almost makes me wish Luke was little again…almost.