Google My Business Strategies Secrets – Hacks – Tips and Tricks Tutorial 2020

Succeeding at Google My Business using the latest mindsets, tips and tricks, and methodologies that I use for my lead agency every day.
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While some of you may have been close to giving up on Google My Business, I can assure you that you can still succeed at driving traffic and leads by following the latest success strategies.

We’re going to discuss 3 key points in this video:

1️⃣ Google Guaranteed and what it might mean for your business

2️⃣ How Google’s GMB algorithm works

3️⃣ Why Google did what they did

and a bonus tip on how to still make bundles of cash with Google My Business listings. 😍

1️⃣ Google Guaranteed

Google loves Google and will do everything and anything to protect users from potential scams. 🤗

In a nutshell, Google was forced to start this program due to the immense amount of fraud that happened.

It is possible that Google Guaranteed may spread to any service that requires a license and insurance to do business.

All businesses that want to join the Google Guaranteed program must go through a screening process including a background check. 😱

The Google Guaranteed badge means that Google backs your company and its services, which makes a better impression on potential clients. ✅

It also helps your business show up in a higher priority in search result listings. ✅

Google started the Google Guaranteed program to protect customers from potential fraud which has become very prominent in certain categories like locksmith, garage door, electrician, roofing, plumbing, and other services. ☢️

2️⃣ Google’s algorithm

Google wrote an algorithm for spammy categories protecting users from potential spam. The algorithm is mainly focused on 20-40 categories that have been spammed by affiliate marketers, ppl marketers, and lead agencies. 🔅

The solution is to stay away from those locked categories and focus on the ones that are not overly spammed yet. As of right now, Google offers 3,900+ categories and with the majority remaining uncompetitive, you have the best chances of finding breakthrough success in the GMB industry. 😀

3️⃣ Google’s decision

Google is all about protecting users from potential spam and making the internet a safer place for customers. ✅

While most marketers remain unwilling to switch gears, you have the best chances to build a successful lead agency by going after easy categories. ✅

Bonus tip 💯

Research services, figure how much customers pay to obtain a service and go for the highest-paid services. You’ll get paid a lot for 1 lead!

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