Disney's Billion Dollar Business Strategy

Disney applies an important business strategy for generating multi-million dollar blockbusters.

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Disney is among the oldest entertainment companies in the world. They have mastered the art of creating comfort and nostalgia while retaining freshness and innovation.

Part of their strategy is to reapply and redistribute effective and well received content across multiple productions.

While it’s fairly well known that when Disney cartoons were hand drawn, many original segments were recycled to save time, Disney evolved the concept to apply to more than just cell frames.

They apply a business strategy that integrates prior successful work into a new setting.

Iteration Upcycle – Blending familiar past experiences audiences tend to favor with a new context.

We all utilize systems in our professional lives. Applying the iteration upcycle forces you to closely examine your methods of productivity. After identifying the most effective elements of your process, it is essential to analyze why these elements were effective, allowing you to improve upon them and apply them in different areas of your business. Keep experimenting with the least effective elements of your system and repeat until you have a well oiled operation.

Disney uses an iteration upcycle formula by analyzing their past work, taking the bits that have a high impact on their audience, and refashioning them for future use. There are three main frameworks in this process:

Familiar Framing – Using subtle elements of a familiar experience that has been well received in the past.

By creating an experience that is subtly familiar you develop comfort with your target group. The feeling of comfort is a signal of trust which is essential for creating a strong brand.

Recycled Content – Re-using the same successful format, gag, or concept through a new presentation.

Recycling your content to create a fresh user experience saves time and money. Whether you’re introducing a new product or service, launching a marketing campaign, or approaching a different segment, you want to examine the effective elements of your existing work and recycle them to create a prototype with the highest potential for success.

The most important lesson here is not just about repurposing past works for future ventures. Reusing works and applying the same standards leaves your audience with a watered down experience. The magic of Disney is that they twist their recycled content to the point where it feels almost entirely new.

Surprise Subversion – Breaking the format of recycled content to disrupt expectations.

Adding a new kink into the experience is the best way to establish yourself as remarkable.

When a process becomes the new normal, breaking expectations creates innovative enjoyment from worn out content. Using these tactics, you can design a stronger presentation, improve your client experience, or refresh your employee onboarding process.

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