Cleaning Business Strategy, Defining a Vision

This is a quick video on using vision as a cleaning business strategy. , In step 2 vision we follow an exercise and show how defining a vision leads to the question what platforms should we use in our cleaning business strategy and long term marketing plan.

Some of the questions we can ask ourselves is How do you see your business over the next 5 years? How much revenue? What profit margins? What is the mix of services? Cleaning service, janitorial, commercial cleaning, carpet cleaning, floor care.


A perfect example are the first two questions, you can see how the amount of revenue and time frame can completely change how to market your services and what platform to choose.

Referral marketing for example is a long term strategy that will play out over 3 and 5 years. If our goal is $1 million in sales in one year referral marketing will not be able to do that. At that volume in that time frame we would have to hire salespeople and use big media in some way.

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